The Vice President (Master and Training) of PolyU explained that the upcoming strategy may require a HyFlex or hybrid-flexible style in which each class will have an online version and a face-to-face version that can run in parallel. He said students can jump back and forth in numbers and physics.

Nonetheless, he included that these initiatives were a lot more demanding on lecturers, and required extra means and trainer training.

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Several of your speakers at HKU on the net occasion claimed that Responsive4U intra-institutional exchanges, even amongst campuses inside of the identical city, had been valuable ordeals for college students.

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PolyU emphasis is on qualified training, so our college students don usually have the opportunity to be exposed to individuals exterior these professions, Professor Chan claimed. General training courses are really new to us, and this task presents our learners a wider preference.

Want to study in Hong Kong. is the only institution which focuses on professional teacher education through academic and research programmes in Hong Kong.

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